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Victim Information

Who Is A Victim?

A victim is any individual who, during a criminal act, or traumatic event suffers loss, injury, harm or trauma. Victims are also family members, dependents and witnesses.


The Reality of Crime & Tragedy

1)    Crime and tragedy can affect anyone at any time.

2)    Crime and tragedy leave victims, families, friends and even the community around them in a state of turmoil.

3)    Crime and tragedy come with many losses. Loss of finances, property, personal safety, loss of life, of privacy and loss of control.

4)    There can be physical injury or pending harm.

5)    And most devastating of all is the emotional pain and distress cause by such a traumatic event.



Grief is the painful experience of loss. It is the painful separation from someone or something we have loved very much, and it hurts deeply. Bereavement is the natural process of grief and morning. There are not short cuts to recovery. If you do not understand your grief, many physical and emotional difficulties may persist over a long period of time. Only when you begin to understand and express your grief naturally will healing begin.

Mourning takes approximately 18 - 24 months.

Healthy mourning requires a process of facing reality, testing how the death has affected us, finding ways to compensate for our loss and establishing new relationships which orient us to life.

We may experience ANGER, DOUBT, DENIAL, BEWIDERMENT, PANIC, DEPRESSION, FEAR, RESENTMENT, GUILT, BITTERNESS. We want to blame someone – to lash out. Overpowering emotions rush in at us all at once, depriving us of our peace of mind. You may wonder just how much you can endure.

Grieving is difficult, hard work – it will take time. It is emotionally and physically draining. Allow yourself the time to grieve.

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