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Critical Incident Stress Management

When traumatic incidents happen at work, productivity and morale drop dramatically. Staff members who are victimized at work may suffer from Critical Incident Stress (CIS), which left untreated, may lead to fear of attending work, alienation from coworkers, decreased output and a loss of quality employees. One of the best ways of preventing CIS is to provide immediate, on scene assistance to victims of crime and trauma. To arrange for a Critical Incident Stress Management team to attend your workplace, either on scene or at a later date for debriefing, please have your Human Resources Department (or applicable personnel member) call (705) 945-6905, or ask the responding emergency service provider to arrange for assistance.

Individuals within the program have been training in basic and advanced Critical Incident Stress Management.  Contact your office if your place of work has suffered from a Critical Incident.  We can help!!


  • To lessen the trauma of being victimized.
  • To help the victim cope with the impact of crime and/or tragic circumstance.
  • To encourage the victim to connect with appropriate services.
  • To assist police in their response to the needs of the victims.
  • To provide an opportunity for the community to become more involved in dealing with the effects of crime and in mobilizing crime prevention efforts.