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Victim Quick Response Program +

The Victim Quick Response Program+ (VQRP+) is a last resort program.  VQRP+ provides victims of violent crime, in the Province of Ontario, who require immediate assistance that cannot be obtained through other sources.

Eligible Crimes:

  • Attempt to Commit Murder;
  • Child Abuse;
  • Criminal Harassment;
  • Elder Abuse;
  • Hate Crimes;
  • Historical Child Abuse (eligible for counselling or traditional Indigenous health-related services only)
  • Homicide
  • Human Trafficking;
  • Intimate Partner Violence;
  • Non-Consensual Disribution of Intimate Images;
  • Sexual Assault;
  • Serious Assault
  • Voyeurism

Eligible Supports:

Fiancial suport is available to cover the costs of:

  • Safety Expenses;
  • Practical Assistance Expenses;
  • Travel and Associated Expeonses;
  • Crime Scene Clean Up;
  • Counselling services, traditional Indigenous health services and associated Transportation Expenses, and;
  • Supports for victims with Serious Injuries and for Family of Homicide Victims

For more information contact our offices at 705 795-6905 or toll free 1-888-822-7792.